About Me

Hello, my name is Katie.

It is very nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read my posts. I can only assume that by your visit here today that you, like me, have a love for all things to do with gardening. If, however, you thought this was a blog on hairdressing and untangling hair roots (my mum did warn me this could be misleading when thinking of a name for my gardening blog) I apologise in advance. You are very welcome to stay and who knows if you didn’t enjoy gardening before, you may want to find out more.

My love for gardening started at a very early age, around the time I began to walk and pick things up.

old gardening photo5

Here I am with my dad and younger brother.

I come from a family of gardeners. Despite us all being amateurs, the knowledge we have has been passed down through the generations. My grandfather had an allotment and I have very happy, early childhood memories of spending time with him there. To me at such a young age, when he opened the heavy, wooden allotment door in a tall, dense hedge, it was like entering a wonderland where magic happened. Eating fresh tomatoes and fresh peas from their pods are just some of my favourite memories. To this day when I smell my hands after picking tomatoes off the plant, I am reminded of my grandad.

old gardening photo2

Grandad on his allotment.

From an early age both my brother and I learnt that gardening was fun. The beautiful marigold flower heads that were in full bloom probably didn’t enjoy being picked before their time, as I made a pretty display in my wooden trolley, but it wasn’t in vain. I quickly discovered flowers need their roots and have since gone on to grow and look after many more marigolds as well as other flowers and vegetables.

old gardening photo4                    old gardening photo1

Gardening is indeed something I am very passionate about. I don’t claim to know all the answers, as I feel just like anything in life we are always learning. I love to try out new things in the garden, experiment and share ideas. As someone who has been gardening for more than 25 years, I am more aware that, on some occasions, the things you try don’t always work out. A lot of the time it’s because the weather is against us, but it’s finding ways of overcoming certain challenges or accepting defeat gracefully and looking forward to having another go. Either way they are both valuable learning experiences.

old gardening photo3

Sowing seeds together.

I love being creative. Gardening is one of my main hobbies but I do love to write, take photographs, paint, bake, sew, knit….. the list goes on! Hopefully I will be able to share some of my other projects with you as time goes on. As I love to keep busy and more often than not you will find me outside in the garden, I decided that I will post articles on Wednesdays and either Saturdays or Sundays. As fellow gardeners, I’m sure you will agree with me that you don’t want to be inside on a sunny day, sat at your computer.

old gardening photo6

I’m like a bee to a flower! Poor marigolds!