Garden Lessons: Embracing Change

In life, it is only normal to experience change. It is the way in which we as humans learn lessons and become stronger in character. Despite this perhaps being an evident statement to some of you, it doesn’t always hit home until you reach a later stage in life. I will be honest and say that it’s taken me to get to my thirties to accept that change, in all its forms, will be ever present in my life. In no way am I saying change is easy, in fact it can be very difficult, yet it is something that we all experience and something we all have to come to terms with.


There are times when we experience changes in our lives that have a significant impact on our day to day routine and almost always seem to happen all at the same time. These are the times, especially when change occurs out of the blue, when it can feel all so overwhelming and when some of us, including my old self, react negatively to change.


Night soon changes into Day.

Truth be known, changes are happening around us all the time. There are changes that we take for granted on a daily basis like the weather outside or a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. You might say that some of these changes are not directly impacting on our own lives and therefore don’t make a significant change to our day to day routines. In some ways that would be perfectly true, yet I always try to look at the bigger picture and maybe, just maybe, these changes are there on the perimeter of our lives, to teach us a lesson. To teach us that perhaps change isn’t as bad as we sometimes make it out to be!

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For me, gardening has done just that! It has taught me to accept change graciously and to embrace it. If we never had change in our outdoor earthy wonderlands then our gardening lives would be very boring and miserable. In truth, with no change, their would be no growth. Thankfully, there are changes occurring constantly in our gardens and for better and for worse, we as gardeners accept it. It’s part and parcel of our gardening lives.


Unfortunately a pumpkin I was growing this Summer developed an unexpected crack.

I must admit that for a while, especially in my twenties, I was a creature of habit and craved a life where there was routine and organisation, but I have now come to accept that change will be part and parcel of every aspect of my life and not just my gardening one. There will be chaos, there will be moments when life doesn’t go the way you planned and there will certainly be changes to embrace full on. Life can be messy, just like in the garden, but it can also be fun!

There may be some changes that you perceive as bad developments in your life in the beginning but in fact may be opening doors to new adventures and experiences. Ironically, they could be changing your life for the better. Just like leaves changing colours in Autumn, change can be beautiful, change can be good!






One thought on “Garden Lessons: Embracing Change

  1. Swisssunflower says:

    Change is the very essence of life and we must not expect to stand still otherwise life would be boring. Facing changes , whether good or difficult allows us to develop. Suffering helps us become stronger and more accepting of situations so embace change and embrace life!


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