Autumn Challenge 2016

Last year I set myself 50 challenges for Autumn which ranged from baking a pumpkin pie to visiting a farm and picking apples. I will be honest and say that although I didn’t achieve all 50 of the challenges I’d set myself, I did in fact come away with a lot of great memories. I was able to use my free time in Autumn wisely and make the most of my life doing things I perhaps had never considered doing before.

This year I have decided to have another go and by doing so, in a slightly different way, I will be able to enjoy two things I’m very passionate about which is nature and photography. I love capturing moments and so for my challenge this year I’m going to try to take 50 photos of Autumn in nature. At first, I was going to limit it to my garden, but I have decided that because nature is all around us, I have not put a limit on this and so forest walks, even city visits can of course be included, as long as there is Autumn and nature involved. The whole point of this is to capture and enjoy nature where ever you may be! I have been creative with the challenge list and so what you read may be interpreted in a number of different ways. There are too, those challenges that are more obvious or so you may think!

If you, like me, love to take photos and are up for an Autumn challenge, please feel free to use my list. The photos don’t need to be taken in any particular order, just have fun! I would love to see and share the moments of Autumn that you capture too, so I will be creating a hashtag on Instagram on my first challenge photo I post. Watch this space… If you prefer not to take photos but enjoy looking at them, you too can visit my Instagram page – the link is on my blog ‘About Me’ page, on the bottom, right-hand side.

At the very end of Autumn, I shall let you know how I got on and whether or not I was able to achieve my Autumn in Nature Photo Challenge 2016. The list is below:


What Katie Did Next: Autumn in Nature Photo Challenge 2016

  1. Bye, Bye Summer.
  2. A Big Autumn Hello.
  3. A Crisp Bite.
  4. Wrap Up Warm.
  5. An Autumn’s Spark.
  6. And Then……There Was a Crunch!
  7. Falling into Autumn.
  8. Change is Good.
  9. Autumn Jewels.
  10. Handmade by Nature.
  11. The Mystery of Autumn.
  12. All in a Row.
  13. Old but Beautiful.
  14. Autumn in Wonderland.
  15. Just Breathe.
  16. Autumn Rainbow.
  17. Pick up a P…..
  18. Trick or Treat.
  19. Look Up, Look Down.
  20. Autumn Glow.
  21. Heavenly Walks.
  22. Build me a Bonfire.
  23. A Small Reminder of Autumn.
  24. Shelter from the Rain.
  25. Autumn Greens?
  26. Spikes and Prickles.
  27. Reflecting in Autumn.
  28. Cool and Crisp.
  29. Did you see that?
  30. Pumpkin Surprise.
  31. Feeling Thankful.
  32. Autumn Patterns.
  33. Evening Shadows.
  34. Follow that Trail.
  35. Autumn Tears.
  36. Bobbing Along Nicely.
  37. Creature Comforts.
  38. Going with the Flow.
  39. Autumn Weakness.
  40. Going Undercover.
  41. The Power of Autumn.
  42. Harvest Time.
  43. Spooky, Spooky.
  44. Blooming Autumn.
  45. Only Orange….(no pumpkins or leaves!)
  46. Autumn Aromas.
  47. Colourful Layers.
  48. Golden Moments.
  49. Collecting for Winter.
  50. Sleep Tight and Autumn Dreams.







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