A Gardener’s Holiday

As the end of Summer approaches, it’s great to look back at the achievements you have made or perhaps the lessons you have learnt. With the hint of Autumn air first thing in the morning and the colours starting to change in the leaves, there may be some of you wishing for the Summer days to not disappear and end. I would agree with you to some extent that it’s sad to say goodbye to the plants that you have lovingly cared for since they were a seed yet there is something I find quite magical about Autumn and look forward to, of which you’ll discover in posts to follow.


As a gardener, Summer is a season where there is a lot to get on with in the garden and tend to, which can sometimes pose a problem for those of us who also love to escape on holiday. Did anyone manage to get away for a few days?


We managed to get away for a short spell as you may already know if you read my post “A Green City Challenge” but in all honesty, a great deal of our Summer holiday was spent in the garden, building a wall, fixing fences and tending to our rapidly growing fruit, vegetables and yes the dreaded weeds! This is not saying that because we dedicated a lot of our time to the garden, we did not have a holiday. Far from it, I would say we had a gardener’s holiday.


On the day we went to get what seemed like a mountain of bricks to construct our mini wall (ironic I know), we rented a van in the blistering heat and even treated ourselves to an ice cream as we waited for the bricks to arrive and be loaded. Not so different to renting a caravan and having an ice cream on holiday we joked amongst ourselves! It was great to get this much needed job completed over the summer being that it was one which has been plaguing us for years and will make future gardening much easier when it comes to weeding.


There are indeed positives to a gardener’s holiday, on the other hand I also think that like anything in life, it’s good to keep things balanced and there are also advantages to abandoning your garden for a short time to get away and take in new sights!  The main benefit after a holiday away in the sun, is that when you return home not only will you appreciate your garden more but you will also be refreshed and ready to begin the digging and tidying up once Autumn arrives.


I appreciate it’s not always easy to be able to get away and your garden can prove to be the ideal place to retreat. As well as staying up to date on every day garden jobs which can be overwhelming on returning from a holiday, you will also be able to enjoy and relax in your beautifully maintained garden. Lazy days swinging in a hammock surrounded by your flowers, barbecues in the evening as the sun sets on your garden, what’s not to like! There’s also the added bonus that you won’t need to go to the hassle to find another person who will help to water your garden when you’re not around.


I suppose the answer for those of us who love gardening and taking in new sights, is that if time and money permits, is to share your free time equally so you can have the best of both worlds.


Stuck for ideas of ways to thank someone who came to water your garden whilst you were away?

A lovely idea for a gift is to either offer a small basket of fruit and vegetables that they tended to and watered in your garden, in your absence, or even a bunch of flowers if you grow cut flowers.










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